Friday, August 18, 2006

Have I got a dish for you. . .

Warning: If you are squeamish about certain foods, or you find offensive any references to animal sexual organs (or any other sexual references for that matter), you may want to skip this post. On the other hand, if you are like me, someone who can't resist reading on, and willing to try most anything once, read on. Either way, don't say you were not warned.

Office Pirates is one of the humor sites on my aggregator. At first, I thought that this story for "Chinese Restaurant Serves Up Wide Variety of Penis" was one of their jokes. However, their post picks up on an actual restaurant review for a restaurant in China that specializes in penis. The Guo-li-zhuang in Beijing will serve both penis and testicles in a variety of combinations. They feature donkey, yak, and goat. Why would people eat this? Well, I am sure it's yummy for one, but from the review:

"In China, you are what you eat, and The Daily Telegraph's nutritionist, Zhu Yan, said the clients were mainly men eager to improve their yang, or virility."

But wait, it can also be good for the ladies, although the nutrionist did mention that she "'wouldn't recommend the testicles. The testosterone might interfere in fertility. But many women say bian is good for the skin.'"

So, let's get some highlights from the menu, shall we?
  • A simple dish: "the simple goat penis, sliced, dipped in flour, fried, and served skewered with soy sauce."
  • Then you have the more elegant pieces "such as the elegantly named "Head crowned with a Jade Bracelet" (provided by horses from the western Muslim region of Xin-jiang), for £20 a portion, or "Dragon in the Flame of Desire" (yak, steamed whole, fried and flambéed) for £35."
  • Then again, if this is your first foray, you may want to try the beginner's dish: "the hotpot, which offers a sampling of what the restaurant has to offer - six types of penis, and four of testicle, boiled in chicken stock by the waitress, Liu Yunyang, 22."
  • And if you are a big spender, they have a dish for you as well: "One speciality, Canadian seal penis, costs a hefty £220, and requires ordering in advance."
Bon appetit.

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