Friday, September 22, 2006

So, I am an altruist

Welcome back readers (thanks you two). It's Friday, so by now, you get the idea that odds are good it's quiz posting day.

Either this quiz really caught my personality, or it caught me on a good day. Had it been one of those days when I feel like Mother Nature is running late on trash day, I think the results would have been a little different. But overall, it probably suits a teacher like me. While I rarely do speak negatively about anyone (the whole "if you have nothing nice to say. . . "), I will certainly rip someone a new one if they deserve it. As I said, it may have caught me on a good day.

A hat tip to Liz at Library Tavern. Warning: unlike most quiz sites, this one will make you register to get the result. If you are averse to that, skip it.

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