Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I can decide for myself what I want to read, thank you much

This has to be the quote of the day for me. It comes from the story of yet another woman who refused to return a library's book she checked out because she considered it offensive once she got her hands on it. I posted about another mofo in this category here. And before anyone says anything, if you are thief, you lose any credibility for your cause later. On this story, the book in question is Ellen Wittlinger's Sandpiper. The author, on learning her book was challenged, said what I pretty much always think about people who, having the freedom not to read something, choose to complain about that thing they themselves don't want to read and deprive the rest of us. So, here is the quote of the day, from Ellen Wittlinger:

"'I know that there are people in this country, who, in the name of religion, feel high school students should be kept as ignorant of sex as possible, but I was shocked that the girl herself was equally afraid of knowledge,' Wittlinger said. 'Of course, the bottom line, as always, is that Lysa Harding didn't have to read the book if she didn't want to. But there are no doubt other students who do want to read it and she should not be able to decide what anyone else can or cannot read.'"(emphasis is mine)

While I have my opinion about people who choose to keep their children ignorant, unfortunately, that's their parental right. However, don't go around with your self-righteousness trying to censor for the rest of us. Don't want to read it? Fine by me. But you don't get to tell the rest of us what to read.

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