Sunday, December 23, 2007

Holiday Post 2007, Parte Tres

And now we make it to the final part of this Holiday Post, 2007. Mofos and other people who are not the sharpest tools in the shed do not rest for the holiday. Plus, there are also some amusing things out there. So, enjoy and have some fun.

  • The financial services firm PNC gives you the annual Christmas Price Index broadcast. You may have to pick between listening to the analyst or reading the ticker below. How Mr. Dunigan, the VP doing the analysis keep that straight face while doing the report is beyond me.
  • If you are stringing the Christmas lights yourself, remember: Safety First. Don't end up electrocuted like this guy in California. Found via the Obscure Store and Reading Room.
  • Be considerate of other parents when you buy presents for their kids. Make sure you have the batteries if needed. And for the sake of your deity of choice, don't go buying annoying toys like these. From Say No To Crack blog.
  • The annoyance factor also applies to Christmas music. According to this story from the Washington Post, "All I Want For Christmas is not to Hear That Song." Find out which songs. Do know that if you bring any of these into my home, my opinion of you will seriously suffer. The article does point out music people do like as well. Classics remain popular as ever. Found via the Obscure Store and Reading Room.
  • And speaking of classic Christmas music, here is the 1956 "Christmas in Jail." If you are one of those dumbasses who drinks and drives, you may end up in jail as well. Found via the YesButNoButYes blog.
  • And talking of those dumbasses who drink and drive, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the death toll from drinking and driving is the highest during the holiday season (link leads to press release. You can find the full study at the site too, which is a PDF). I found this via Docuticker. No one is saying not to have a couple of drinks during the holiday. Heck, I will be mixing one or two myself. All we are saying is do so in moderation, and for the love of the deity of your choice (or none at all if you swing that way), don't get behind the wheel if you have had one too many.
  • We just finished the semester here on campus. Things were mostly peaceful. However, not every campus is as peaceful, and there is always the one mofo who procrastinated and behaved like an idiot in the library demanding all sorts of things he or she can't get. To them, we dedicate this poem by the pseudonymous Stinkycheez, writing for the Society for Librarians Who Say "Motherfucker" (and yes, I am a member because some people just deserve to be called mofo).
  • From the website, here are "The 25 Most Baffling Toys from Around the World." There is a bit of an adult element, so the usual warning applies. One of my favorites? The Pee and Poo plush toys. No, I am not making that up. Go take a look.
  • And a last minute find: The Morning News has published a "2007 Holiday Christmas Survival Guide for Slackers Cultural Warriors." Worth a look. By the way, since you should always mind your matters, from the same site, here is a little guide on how to write thank you notes. Whether it's for a gift or for someone who let you stay at their place for a day or two, remember to say thanks.

However you celebrate the holiday season, hope you do so in a peaceful, safe, and merry way. Merry Christmas. Feliz Navidad.

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