Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Buy car, get a gun too

Just when I thought I had seen everything, along comes another story to prove me wrong. This auto dealership in Missouri is having an offer until June. Buy a car from them (new or used), and you can choose between a $250 gas card and a gun. Guess which bonus item is real popular? The gun. Below you have the promotional image from the website.

Why are they doing this? Well, the dealership owner claims he was inspired by Obama of all people. From the BBC story:

He added that the promotion was inspired by recent comments from one of the Democratic nominees for the presidential election, saying: "We did it because of Barack Obama.

"He said all those people in the Midwest, you've got to have compassion for them because they're clinging to their guns and their Bibles. I found that quite offensive. We all go to church on Sunday and we all carry guns."

If you look at that statement closely, he might actually seem to be confirming what Obama was saying. Don't you just get visions in your head of all those pious people holding on to their guns while attending church? I should note that I am in favor of people's right to have their guns.

So, how much gun can you get? The dealer recommends a Kel-Tec .380 pistol, like this one. I guess 250 bucks or so does not buy a lot of gun. Then again, 250 bucks does not go too far when it comes to gasoline either. The gun, with proper care, will probably last you a lot longer, and the ammunition for it is likely less costly than the gas in the long run. Plus you can use the gun to shoot the son of a bitch who tries to steal the gas out of your car.

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