Friday, May 16, 2008

Now the economy is REALLY in trouble

Signs that the economy is in trouble:

  • Gasoline prices reaching four dollars a gallon? Nope, not yet.
  • The housing market meltdown and mortgage crisis? Not there yet.
  • A credit crunch crisis? Not even close.
  • People not being able to afford good health insurance? You kidding? Not yet.
What is the real sign that the economy is in trouble and the nation going up the creek? According to Miller CEO Tom Long, here is the REAL sign the economy is in trouble:

"Cash-strapped drinkers are starting to trade down to economy beers, the chief executive of Miller Brewing Co. said Thursday."

Yes, you read it here. According to this report from the Associated Press, via the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, things are so bad people have to start drinking cheap beer. What's next? We'll have to start brewing our own at home? Maybe a little bathtub gin to save on buying a fancy brand. You know that things have to be bad when the CEO of Miller says that "the company expects to sell more lower-priced beers this year if gas prices continue to rise." That damn expensive gasoline keeps messing everything else up. Will it ever end? My goodness, the humanity!

And things weren't bad enough, according to the same report, "
Americans also are spending less in bars and restaurants, and Long said Miller is seeing declines in sales to those businesses."For me, that is not an issue because I don't drink out in bars and restaurants. Once in a blue moon if I am with company, I may order something, but otherwise I prefer to do my drinking at home. I buy my own liquor, and I pour myself, which is cheaper in the long run anyways. I will admit that I do try to buy good stuff. When it comes to your drinking, you should take the effort to get something a bit better.

So, there you have it. Now you know the economy is really up the creek. And here is some advice for people to cope with the tough economic times:

Photo credits: Found in Flickr, and used by terms of a Creative Commons license. 50 cent beer photo taken by user michaelallroy. Beer cheaper than gas photo taken by user cavalier92.

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