Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Update on watching what we read

Back in March, I pointed to the story about Keith Sampson, the IUPUI worker who was chastised by the university for reading a history book on his free time. Well, it turns out that the school finally decided to apologize for their whopper of a blunder. You can see the actual letter of apology here. My favorite part of the letter is when Chancellor Bantz was reminded he had not personally apologized by a Wall Street Journal column (translation: we fucked up. And I was hoping this would blow away, but WSJ's negative publicity means I have to say something now). The line about how the Affirmative Action Office's process is there for providing a fair hearing is hollow to say the least. What would certainly make things better would be for some of the ignorant people in the AAO who actually took seriously the allegations from Sampson's busybody coworkers who clearly did not actually know what Sampson was reading for one and rushed to judgment to be fired. Because such ignorance in an institution of higher learning is simply shameful to say the least. Good that Mr. Sampson did get some vindication. And there is the update.

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