Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thanksgiving Post 2008

Here is the traditional Thanksgiving post. I think stuff like this becomes traditional on a blog if you do it more than once, and this is the second time I have done this. I did it last year, with an addition. Feel free to look at those posts too, since they have some good links as well. As for me, I will probably be traveling on Thursday to spend some time with my brother's family. Our mother's health is a bit (very) frail, and she is in the hospital. Thus we will probably spend some time bringing her some cheer as well. I have to work this Saturday (because some administrator has the "brilliant" idea we should open the library on Saturday), so we are coming right back on Friday. As I often say, if you are traveling, may your travel be safe. If you are staying home and having people over, may it be a happy time with minimal stress. I even threw in a useful link to keep the stress to a minimum during the dinner. And by the way, if you choose to drink adult beverages, please do so in moderation.

Here then is a collection of links to entertain my two readers as well as provide a few useful things for the holiday.

Facts and trivia:

  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics offers some statistics spotlighting Thanksgiving. For example, did you know that turkey "has usually been less expensive during November and December than in other months"? The cynic in me would have thought the opposite would be the case.
  • The American Farm Bureau reassures us that the traditional meal is still affordable. Take a look at average costs of items and total costs.
  • Get sleepy after the meal? The turkey contains tryptophan, which combines with other things from the meal, like all those carbs along with some alcohol, to make you sleepy.
  • As many know, the U.S. President pardons a couple of turkeys every year. You can still vote for their names. Go here. The pardon happens on November 26.
  • Alaska Governor Sarah Palin pardoned a turkey up in Alaska, but that was not as successful given the background for the event.

Recipes and food:

You, well, most of you anyways, will be spending time with relatives, some of which you probably don't get along with. Be smart. Here are some topics to avoid during the dinner.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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