Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Post: Bonus Features

The thing about making one of those nice posts about a holiday is that after you post it with all the neat stuff you want to share you end up finding more stuff. So here are a few more things for the amusement of my two readers:

  • From Campus Squeeze, "The 8 Worst Things About Thanksgiving." No, not everything about Thanksgiving is good or something to be thankful for. By the way, this article does have a bit of political incorrectness (you have been warned).
  • The recipe, with pictures, for the Turbaconducken (a turducken wrapped in bacon). Yes, you read that right. I posted that link on my Facebook, and people can feel a heart attack coming from just looking at the picture. Go have a look and try not to keel over. (From Bacon Today. Who knew there was a site just for bacon, with daily updates?).
  • And if you are still cooking, or you just left it to the last possible moment, here are some "Last Minute Recipe Tips" from Medicine Net.
  • And if you eat too much, especially sugar (maybe one piece of pie too many), here is what could happen.From the Sheldon comic strip.
Then again, why eat turkey at all? The hard working fishermen of Deadliest Catch have a better suggestion: eat some crab. They worked very hard to catch those little @#$%:

Deadliest Catch is one of my favorite shows. Odds are good I will be catching the marathon on Friday. Someone else can go inflict some violence at the malls over some stuffed animal.

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