Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Gold diggers confronted by the reality of the recession

Welcome to another edition of "Signs that the economy is bad" here at The Itinerant Librarian. Today's piece comes from Gawker, with the headline "Gold-Digging Shrews Whine About Banker Mates." Imagine the horror that these women who pretty much do nothing other than live vapid lives on the money of their husbands or significant others may now be forced to actually work. Cringe at the catastrophic disaster of these "poor" ladies who now find their men may be a little short in the finance department. For the married ones, I guess they never heard the part of the vows about "for richer or poorer." Who thought they would actually have to face up the poor part? But don't take my word for it. The Gawker article has plenty of links to other places that have covered this terrible cataclysm.

  • Whining about a boyfriend that lost his job (as quoted in Gawker): "Overnight, he went from unavailable to downright clingy. He wants to have dinner every night. By dinner I mean staying in and cooking as Megu is no longer in the budget. AND, FYI DABA girls – chopping vegetables along side your man in a hot New York sized kitchen is NOTHING like the sexy kitchen scene between Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger in Nine and a Half Weeks... I’m bored and can’t stop thinking about my perpetually unattainable Euro ex-boyfriend who is recession proof courtesy of an offshore trust account."
Imagine that. The guy wants to have dinner at home, maybe cook with the lady. She may actually have to cook. The Humanity! By the way, for the peons like me, Megu is a fancy modern Japanese food restaurant with establishments worldwide. Definitely not in my budget (or most librarians' budgets for that matter). The poor woman may have to learn how to make do with a jar of Ragu instead.

The deal with the article is that a couple of these high maintenance "courtesans" have started a blog (warning: lot of whining in the blog, but some of it may actually make you laugh at the expectations these ladies have). Actually calling them courtesans would be degrading to actual courtesans who at least have other useful skills from dancing to singing to literature to cooking to being able to understand politics and economics (a subject that is especially useful right about now), plus an array of skills in the bedroom that probably put these "poor" women to shame. Let's then leave it as "gold diggers" as the people at Gawker do. Anyhow, if for some reason you do decide to go look at the blog, keep in mind the purpose of the blog: "So if your monthly Bergdorf’s allowance has been halved and bottle service has all but disappeared from your life, lighten your heart with laughter and email your stories" to the blog address provided. Again, for the benefit of peons like us, here is a link to Bergdorf's, a very fancy fashion store. Definitely not in a librarian's budget.

So, no sympathy here. Kind of makes me glad I am not a banker. And it does make me want to go home and hug my wife and say thank you for always being there for me through thick and thin. Love ya babe.

A hat tip to @ the Library blog.

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