Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday Post 2009: The Readers' Edition

We continue our 2009 series of holiday posts here at The Itinerant Librarian. I love books. As a librarian, I work with books. I think books make great gifts, so if you have a reader in your life, and you need some ideas of what to get him or her, here are some reading lists and pieces of advice for readers.

Advice and tips on books

The Newspaper (and other news sources) Lists

The major newspapers, and other news outlets, have been putting out their holiday reading lists throughout the month of December (sometimes earlier). These are pretty basic, generic kinds of lists (in my estimation), but people find them convenient. I can't speak much for these books, since my reading tends towards the more unconventional, but if I see anything, I will comment. Here then is a sampling:

Cool Books That I Have Read or Want to Read

This section is for books that I have been noting and clipping in my feed readers that I find interesting and actually want to read. Also for those that I have read already that I would recommend to my three readers. If you want another way to look at it, a lot of this stuff is not on the fancy lists above, but it's good.


  • Here is a list of suggestions for your non-reading friends. Yes, hard to imagine you would have friends who choose not to read, but it happens. So here are "10 Awesome Books to Give Your Nonreading Friends" from Flavorwire.
  • NPR offers a list of Top Picks from Indie Booksellers. I like independent bookstores, I really do, but this kind of list for me seems more pretentious than anything else (heavy on the literary and "edgy" fiction, and I don't mean "edgy" in a good way). In other words, books that did not hit the radar, so to speak. But someone out there may find it of interest.
Stay tuned. At or near the end of this year, I will be posting my annual reading list, so you can get an idea of what I actually read.


Dave Cullen said...

Hi Angel. Thanks for supporting books, and for mentioning mine, Columbine.

Angel, librarian and educator said...

Mr. Cullen: Thank you for stopping by. I really am hoping to read your book soon. Hopefully in 2010, and if I do, I will make a note of it here. Happy Holidays.

Best, and keep on blogging.