Friday, March 18, 2011

Rolling Stone on Army's Use of Psy-Ops. Why am I reading about it in the music magazine?

Once again I get to ask why am I reading about this in Rolling Stone. I am not saying there is anything wrong with Rolling Stone. On the contrary, as of late, they are picking up some very interesting and important stories that the rest of the mainstream media seem to be ignoring.For example on the tea party and the BP oil spill.

Back in January (I know, I am a bit late writing about it, but I had to take time to read it), they had a piece on the Army using their psy-ops units (they call them MISO's now, which stands for "Military Information Support Operations) in Afghanistan to influence American senators, representatives, and other VIPs to hold favorable views of the operation in Afghanistan. Basically, they were using their psy-ops to influence American citizens, which is something forbidden by law.

"According to experts on intelligence policy, asking a psy-ops team to direct its expertise against visiting dignitaries would be like the president asking the CIA to put together background dossiers on congressional opponents." 

If you have not read it, it is worth a look. Now that I found the time to read it, I did find it timely as we think on Sunshine Week and things like open government and our right to know what it is our government does in order to hold it accountable. This does include holding the military accountable as well.

A hat tip to Americablog.

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