Sunday, May 26, 2013

Booknote: Your New Job Title is "Accomplice"

Adams, Scott, Your New Job Title is "Accomplice." Kansas City: Andrews McMeel, 2013. (Link to publisher page)

ISBN: 9781449427757 (Trade Paperback)

Genre: Comics and graphic novels
Subgenre: Humor, office and workplace

I have to say after reading this 40th collection of Dilbert cartoons (wow, it has been 40 already) that Scott Adams is still at the top of his game. I had not read one of these books in a while, so I was glad when I got this one, and I enjoyed it very much. The author has some unique takes on current events that keep the strip fresh and relevant. For instance, Wally joins the 1% crowd, and Dogbert's radio show faces boycotts after he has offended just about everyone. That is not all. The pointy-haired boss remains as clueless as ever in spite of better technology and apps. Hey, even Asok the intern gets his own intern.

Dilbert is popular because so many workers find something they can relate to in the comic strips. For me, it has a lot that you can relate to in librarianship. However, do not say that too loud. The librarian "hip crowd" and library directors, many of whom are just as bad as Dilbert's boss and other executives in the strip, might take offense. Dilbert, for workers everywhere, is pretty much universal. This collection continues to give us plenty of material to commiserate, to smile, to laugh, and to cut out clippings (from the newspaper, hopefully not from the book. Scan, then cut out a copy if need be) to slide under our clueless managers and bosses' doors.

Disclosure note: I read this book as an e-book via NetGalley. Book was provided by publisher for honest review purposes (there, we have appeased The Man, a.k.a. the FCC once more). 

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