Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror Book Meme

I got this via Flexnib blog, who got it from Kalgrl. You get the idea. At any rate, here it goes.

The prompt: For EACH of the following questions, name 1 or more science fiction, fantasy or horror book titles. 

The questions, with my answers: 

  1. The last sf/f/h book I read and enjoyed was: Fulgrim (part of the Horus Heresy series. I enjoyed the first three, then it dropped off a little, Fulgrim is the 5th in the series. By the way, the opening trilogy is excellent. I am on the 8th now, and getting better again. I could write more on this later).
  2. The last sf/f/h book I read and did not enjoy was: The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell. (To this day I hate this book, and I mean that in a visceral, fiery way. If someone ever made a list of books that need to be burned, not that I advocate book burning, I would make an exception to light the fire with this one. I had to read in library school for a readers' advisory class. No, I am not linking it. You want it, you find it. I do not recommend it).
  3. A sf/f/h book that I would recommend to new sf/f/h readers is: The Manhattan Projects (graphic novel. I really liked this, and I discovered it recently), Old Man's War (Scalzi has done sequels to it, which I have not liked as much, but this first is very good).
  4. A sf/f/h book that I would recommend to seasoned sf/f/h readers is: I would recommend Old Man's War to seasoned readers too. It has been compared positively some of Heinlein's good early works. To add something else, I would recommend the American Vampire series (comics) and Shadows Over Baker Street (this is one of the best anthologies I have read recently. Horror). If they have not read it, Alfred Bester's work would be one I would recommend to seasoned readers. For this, I figure that seasoned readers have read "the basics," so recommending may take some time and thought.
  5. The sf/f/h book I most want to read next is: There are few choices here. For one, I need to catch up on the Ciaphas Cain series (Warhammer 40K, link to list of novels so far. Emperor's Finest is the next one for me. See next list item).
  6. My favorite sf/f/h book series includes: Ciaphas Cain.
  7. I will read anything by this sf/f/h author: I am fairly eclectic here. I will read some authors because they are "classic" or have good reputations, and I will try new ones if the work in question looks intriguing enough. Since discovering Warhammer 40K, I can say I would read almost anything in that setting (the 40K setting. I don't care much for Warhammer fantasy). Also, some Star Wars fiction (though this can be trial and error).
  8. The first sf/f/h book I read was: Master of the Five Magics is one of the first I remember reading and enjoying in my youth. I recently reread it as an adult, and while I can see the appeal, did not hold up as well for me. The Sword of Shannara is another one I remember as being one of the first.
  9. The sf/f/h book I’m most surprised that more people don’t like is: See above for The Sparrow. I have found people either love it or hate it (and to be honest, I don't understand people who like it).
  10. The sf/f/h book I’m surprised so many people do like is: The Twilight series. The Hunger Games (seems to me a rip off of Battle Royale, which is a much better work, but I won't rant further).
  11. The most expensive sf/f/h book I own is:I do have some hardcovers, but they were often bought used or as clearance/remainder items. I don't have any big collector books. I do have one of Marvel Comics big omnibus volumes, but I bought that used, and I got a very good deal for it (about 25 bucks on an almost 80 bucks volume had it been new). Now, if you ask what is the item I plunked out most money on in one instance, that would be my hardcovers of Battle Royale, ultimate editions (link to first volume; it is a five-volume set, which if my house goes on fire, I am running back in to get given how rare it is now. Needless to say, no, you cannot borrow them).
  12. The number of sf/f/h books I own and have yet to read is:Way too many, and this includes prose and graphic novels and comics that fit the category.


Donna said...

I totally agree with you when it comes to Twilight. The whole time I read the books (I read three, I could not bring myself to read the fourth), I kept thinking why am I reading these. I read them because I wanted to understand what all the fuss was about. Apparently, the fuss wasn't about great literature, but rather about unrequited love and sexual tension. I guess I should be happy when anyone reads a book, but really!!

James Reynolds said...

I love horror books, I am a huge fan and I'm always looking for new reads to experience. Which of these books do you suggest I start with? My favorite horror writer of all time is Stephen King.