Friday, December 27, 2013

Booknote: Teen Titans, Vol. 3; Death of the Family

Scott Lobdell, Teen Titans, Vol. 3: Death of the Family. New York: DC Comics, 2013. ISBN: 9781401243210. 

This volume is part of DC's New 52 series. The volume begins with how Tim Drake became the third Robin, and not just Robin but Red Robin. After this origin tale, the actual story of the "Death of the Family" events begins. Red Robin is kidnapped by the Joker, and the Teen Titans call on Batgirl for help. The volume covers some of what the Teen Titans were doing during the "Death of the Family" storyline. If you read Batman, Vol. 3: Death of the Family (my review of it here) this volume is basically material from behind the scenes, a "what else was happening at the time."

This Teen Titans volume mostly showed the titans team as simply not ready for action in a big city like Gotham. They sure as hell are not ready for a villain like The Joker. Even teaming up with Red Hood's Outlaws (and I note I will be reviewing the Red Hood volume later), we can see the learning curve is still steep for the titans. You could say this volume is supplementary to Batman, Vol. 3. If you really need to know what happened on the side while Red Robin was held by Joker, then you read this. For me, it falls under "nice to know," but it is not essential unless you are a completist reader. In addition, there are some segments with Raven and her demonic father hinting at another plot down the road. If you are a casual reader have not kept up with Teen Titans, this may seem a bit out of balance or stuffed into the story.

The art for this volume was good with some nice two-page panels. However, if you are using an e-reader (like I did), those panels do not read as well. Reading in print may be preferable. Overall, the art is good, but it is not outstanding.

I am guessing from the looks of it that other titles of the Bat Family are basically going to be different takes on the same story. I do have some of those volumes on my reading cue, and I will be reviewing them as I get to them.

As for this volume, I am still willing to give 4 out of 5. 

Disclosure note: I received this volume as an electronic review copy via NetGalley from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. There, we have appeased The Man once more. The book is scheduled for release on December 24, 2013. 

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