Friday, January 23, 2015

Booknote: Wolverine Classic, Volume 2

Chris Claremont, Wolverine Classic, Volume 2. New York: Marvel, 2005. ISBN: 0785118772. 

This volume collects the five issue run written by Chris Claremont; it collects issues 6-10 of the run from the late 1980s. In this volume, the X-Men, including Wolverine, are presumed to be dead. I am not sure why; this is never made clear in the Wolverine comics, but I am guessing if you also read the X-Men comics of the time, you'd know the answer. That is not really a major issue for this volume where Claremont is setting up Wolverine's adventures in Madripoor. In Madripoor, Wolverine goes by the name of Patch (he is wearing an eye patch as part of hiding his identity). However, trouble has a way of finding Wolverine.

In this volume, Wolverine faces drug lord rivals, has a meeting with The Hulk (who amusingly enough is sort of a mob problem solver. Think Mr. Wolf in Pulp Fiction without being suave), and he recalls his first fight with his nemesis Sabretooth. This volume is a quick and easy read. It was pretty entertaining with colorful art in the somewhat gritty cartoon style of the 1980s. In the end, it was a volume that I liked.

I am giving it 3 out of 5 stars.

This is one I borrowed from my local public library.

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