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Booknote: Spawn: Shadows of Spawn, Volumes 2 and 3

Juzo Tokoro, Spawn: Shadows of Spawn, Volume 2. Berkeley, CA: Image Comics, 2006. ISBN: 1-58240-542-5.

Juzo Tokoro, Spawn: Shadows of Spawn, Volume 3. Berkeley, CA: Image Comics, 2006. ISBN: 1-58240-576-X.

Genre: Manga
Subgenre: superheroes, horror (light)
Format: paperback
Source: Part of a set of three I got used at Half Price Books. 

In the second volume of this series, Ken Kurosawa, the new Spawn, keeps struggling to figure out his past memories after his return to Earth, and he strives to protect his sister Mariko. Seven years passed since Ken died and returned to Earth. By now, Mariko has grown up, and she is finding success as a movie star. Mariko has also unknowingly made very powerful enemies along the way. It is Hollywood after all, which can be a dog eat dog establishment. Meanwhile, Spawn faces new obstacles and rivals. An angel that hunts demons confronts him, and then Spawn meets a very reluctant mentor, an older Hell Spawn who has resisted the higher demon Malebolgia. The tale also gives us some glimpses of Spawn's humanity.

The volume was a good and quick read. The story does take some twists and turns as Clown
continues to tease and taunt Spawn, giving Spawn very few clues. The art continues to be very good as well. This was one volume I really liked as it is a good action story with a good amount of intrigue and suspense.

Giving it 4 out of 5 stars.

The action and intrigue continue in the third volume of the series. This one did end a bit abruptly. Ken, our Spawn, continues to learn from his past. He gets a reminder of how promises made are not always easy to keep. There is a lot more action in this volume in comparison to the previous two. I continue to like the art very much. If I find more volumes in the series, I will certainly read and review them given the story does draw you in. As the previous volumes, this was also a pretty quick read that I really liked.

Also giving it 4 out of 5 stars.

* * *

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