Friday, October 23, 2015

Booknote: Death of Wolverine

Charles Soule,, Death of Wolverine. New York; Marvel, 2015. ISBN: 9780785193517. 

Genre: Comics and graphic novels
Subgenre: superheroes
Format: Trade paperback
Source: My public library

I will be honest and say that the only reason I read this is because my branch of the county public library had it, and I saw it on their new books shelf. I kept my expectations low since any time a comics book company decides to kill a popular character, it is often a ploy to sell more issues. Besides, the dead characters more often than not do not stay dead (or the death happens in some alternate time line, as a "what if" exercise, etc.). Given that this was Wolverine, I expected some serious fireworks. What I got was more of a fizzle that left me saying after reading it "that was it?"

Without his healing factor, Wolverine is vulnerable, and his enemies are determined to get him. When someone puts a giant bounty on his head, Wolverine does what he does best. He goes on the offensive determined to die standing and take a few of his enemies with him. That premise sounds great, but it is not quite what we get. This series felt more like a look back at his life, like a memory lane walk. It seems the authors needed to wrap ends, and to be honest, the ending was not much of a big deal.

In the end, it was OK. I did not hate it. I just felt this was no big deal. Do yourself a favor and go grab some classic Wolverine issues. This is one you can safely skip.

The volume contains material originally published in single magazine form as Death of Wolverine #1-4.

2 out of 5 stars.

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