Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A few treats for Thanksgiving 2015

Well, the holiday season is once again here. I will be celebrating Thanksgiving at home in peace with the Better Half and our daughter home from college. Yes, I do mean at home. We do not go shopping on Thanksgiving; we will be happily and quietly spending time together and being grateful for being together and able to share a meal. For my four readers, here are some links of various pieces of information and trivia for Thanksgiving with some brief thoughts and comments on my part. May you all have a safe and happy holiday, and if you choose to drink, please do so in moderation.
As always, comments are always welcome. In fact, I will be asking a few questions this time around, so if you feel moved, please comment.

  • Turkey is the main event in a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. But say you do not want to or cannot cook a turkey for whatever reason. Well, here are 5 turkey alternatives you could try. Story via Wise Bread.  In our family, the last few years we have gone off the beaten path with things like enchiladas. This year we are taking it a bit Italian with a nice lasagna. Part of the reason is for variety, and another reason is because we like those leftovers better. How about you folks, do you folks always have turkey? If not, what do you have?
  • If you are cooking the "traditional" Thanksgiving meal, I know that timing can be a challenge. How many hours do you have to thaw the turkey? Then stuff, then cook it in the oven, so on.  Via NPR, here is a "Day by Day to What To Cook Ahead and When." Some stuff you could have done last Saturday and Sunday, but otherwise, you still have time. 
  • And speaking of timing, here is a handy chart to know how long you need to cook that bird. Via Incredible Things
  • You need some sides to go with that meal. Have you considered a salad? Here are 27 salad choices you could consider. Via BuzzFeed.
  • Ever wonder why the heck we eat sweet potatoes with marshmallows on Thanksgiving? USA Today has a nice piece explaining the origin of that and the deal with the can of cranberry sauce. Hint: it was not the Pilgrims.
  • Are you one of those folks who deep fries the turkey? One of my brothers used to do that. If you do, here are some safety tips to keep in mind from the U.S. Fire Administration. 
  • Perhaps you like to cook your turkey and a few of the sides by taking a walk on the wild side. I just found a series of videos on how to cook your turkey, your green bean casserole, and a couple of other things using weed (yes, that weed). The videos are actually quite visual and easy to follow. If you live in one those states where marijuana is legal, this is an option. Story via COED
  • Here is a feel good to make you feel a little warm and fussy. This restaurant offers anyone who walks in, no questions asked, a free meal on Thanksgiving. So whether it's a homeless person, some poor folks, or just someone who may be alone, you can get some good food and fellowship here. Story via The Washington Post.
  • A common problem with the "traditional" Thanksgiving meal, and other meals at times, is the issue of food waste. This tradition can and does generate a lot of waste. So, to help with that a bit here are some apps to help with things like education on waste, tracking waste, and even tips for storing food. Story via The Rural Blog.
  • And finally, a reminder that however you celebrate, the main reason is really to be grateful for what we have and for those in our lives. It does not matter whether you express your gratitude in religious terms or heathen terms, just take some time to be grateful. And if need yet another reason to express gratitude, well, it may also help your health. Story via NPR.

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