Thursday, January 14, 2016

Reading about food (and drinks): The 2016 Foodies Read Challenge

Once in a while I enjoy reading books about the world of food and epicurious things. I am not exactly a gourmet, but I do appreciate some good things in life, and I certainly enjoy reading and learning about such things. Books about cocktails and the drinking culture are something I find very interesting. Thus, I would like to try out this foodies reading challenge to see if I can account for some of those books; I usually read one or two a year at least. I also enjoy books like some of Anthony Bourdain's writings and histories of things related to food. So I hope this reading challenge falls within my reading flow.

You can use the link above to learn more and/or sign up if so moved.

Since I am dabbling, I am going to keep my initial commitment low. They do have an "a la carte" option where you just post any time you read a book that qualifies. I think I can commit to a bit more than that. Also, any genre related to food such as nonfiction, fiction, and cookbooks works. I am committing initially to the following level:

Short-Order Cook: 1 to 3 books.

As always, if I manage to read more, I will upgrade to the next level. Also as usual, I will add books to my reading list as I get to them, and I will link to the reviews as I post them to the blog.

Bon appetit.

List of books read for this challenge:

  1. Margie Lapanja, Food Men Love
  2. Sarah Bowen, Divided Spirits
  3. Julio Patán, Cocteles con historia: guía definitiva para el borracho ilustrado.
  4.  Emelyn Rude, Tastes Like Chicken.
  5. Carol Peachee, The Birth of Bourbon.

Update Note: With the first three books on this list, I have completed my initial challenge commitment. I think I can squeeze at least two or three in before the year ends, so I am upgrading my challenge now to:

Pastry Chef: 4 to 8 books.

Update Note (12/30/16): With the last two books, I complete the challenge at the Pastry Chef level with 5 books total. The Thousand Dollar Dinner, which I am reading now, would have qualified, but I will not have it done in time to add to the list here. That book I will carry over into 2017, and it will be one of the first books I finish in the new year. For me, this was an interesting challenge, and I may consider trying it again in 2017.

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