Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Booknote: Star Wars: Rebellion, Volume 2: The Akahista Gamble

Brandon Badeaux and Rob Williams, Star Wars: Rebellion, Volume 2: The Akahista Gamble. Milwaukie, OR: Dark Horse Books, 2008. ISBN: 9781593078904.

Genre: graphic novels and comics
Subgenre; Star Wars, space opera
Format: Trade paperback
Source: Berea branch of the Madison County (KY) Public Library.

The new Star Wars movie may be out, but I am in no rush to see it. I'll get to it when it gets out on DVD. In the meantime, I enjoy when I can reading some of the older graphic novels. This time I read The Akahista Gamble.

This is the story of Wyl Tarson, a top lieutenant to crime lord Raze. Wyl is also a rebel spy, which is something Raze does not appreciate. In revenge, Raze puts a bomb inside Wyl's head and extorts him: do an infiltration mission on an imperial stronghold, or Raze will detonate the bomb. Wyl assembles a team and goes on with the mission to an out of the way planet the Empire holds tightly. This because a major communications hub that enables space travel traffic is located there. And when a local uprising against the Empire gets out of hand, Darth Vader himself shows up to suppress it.

Overall, this was a quick and entertaining read. The art is good. Story blends intrigue and action. The ending is a bit open ended, but it does stand alone; it may not be satisfying to some readers. I liked the story as it fits nicely into the Star Wars setting of the Rebellion Era.

3 out of 5 stars.

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