Friday, August 05, 2016

Booknote: Deadpool: The Complete Collection, Volume 1

Daniel Way,, Deadpool: The Complete Collection, Volume 1. New York: Marvel, 2013. ISBN: 978-0-7851-8532-1.

Genre: comics and graphic novels
Subgenre: superheroes, anti-heroes, humor
Format: trade paperback
Source: Berea branch of the Madison County (KY) Public Library

This was ridiculously fun. I am sure this and other titles will get popular again light of the recent new film. I have not seen the movie as of this post, so I can't comment on that yet. But I can speak about this great collection. It is fun. It is silly. It has plenty of violence, action, and humor.

Deadpool is a mercenary that wants to get paid, but getting paid is often the hardest part. When the Skrulls invade, he promptly surrenders, but it is part of his plan. You almost feel sorry for the Skrulls. Then Norman Osborn steals Deadpool's hard gained information and besmirches his reputation, not to mention getting his contract cancelled, so no pay. Well, that simply cannot stand. Deadpool goes to settle no matter the obstacles. The story becomes a funny, violent, gory, and at times silly quest to get paid. By the way, the art on this is also well made, and it is certainly a good reason to pick this volume up.

You get a lot of material in this volume. The volume includes the following comics content:

  • Wolverine Origins 21-25. 
  • Thunderbolts 130-131.
  •  Deadpool 1-12
  • A bonus section: "Deadpool Saga," a sort of origin and backgrounder on the character. If you have not met the character before, this is a good way to catch up a bit.
  • A covers gallery.

Daniel Way writes most of it; Andy Diggle did the writing on the Thunderbolts issues. This is a great run overall. I am sure new readers coming from the film will likely enjoy this. Long time readers of the comic will enjoy reading or re-reading this the run. This is a set I would add to my personal collection. As a final word, I will just say to keep in mind the comic does have a parental advisory label.

5 out of 5 stars.

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