Friday, January 20, 2017

Dealing with the blogger shame in 2017

When I do reading challenges, I try to pick out at least one or two that I do just  for the fun of it because they seem silly or odd or what have you. This one caught my eye, and since I do have a few oldies that may need reviewing, I figure let's go for it. When you get books for review, like other book bloggers, it does not mean they will get reviewed. Often the understanding is that you may be provided with a review copy, but it  is for your consideration; you may or not choose to review it. However, there are some titles that I did want to review or agreed to review but for various reasons I was not able to get to it. Reasons for this to happen in my case may be illness or may be I lost the mood for it at the time. The mood thing often happens with erotica. Something bad happens, like a death in the family (I've had at least two of those in recent years), and naturally last thing you want to read in mourning is erotica. You get the idea. So, I am going to  do this challenge, and try to clear that list up a bit and thus clear some of the blogger (tongue in cheek) shame. Let's get to it.

Blogger Shame Review Challenge 2017. (link to sign up page)

A little bit from the challenge announcement:

  • "The Blogger Shame challenge is a cheeky way to admit our guilt...and go about fixing it. Tackling those review books that have slipped through the cracks over the years. Any review book over 4 months past due is game!" This  is the one catch; this is for somewhat old things, which I do have some of those.
  • The minimum number is one book, one review. 

I am going to keep it low, so to start out I will commit to three books read and reviewed. Naturally, if I  manage more, I will upgrade. As always, I will add books to the list as I pick them up and link to the review once I post the review.

List of books read for this challenge:

  1. Seán Michael Wilson, Bushido: the Soul of the Samurai
  2. Clay Cane, Live Through This.  
  3. Jennifer Adams, Emma: an Emotions Primer
  4. Jennifer Adams, Treasure Island: a Shapes Primer
Update note (11/30/17): With four books, the initial challenge is complete.  I thought this would be easier, but I kept getting caught up on newer books or just did not pay as much attention to this challenge as I could  have. Given that I have quite a few older books due for review, I will likely try this challenge again in 2018.

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