Friday, January 20, 2017

Reading by the colors in 2017

This is the second reading challenge I am doing because it is silly fun, and it is the last challenge I am choosing to undertake in 2017. I am new to this challenge, so this should be an interesting experience. Here are the details:

From the challenge page:

  • Basically, the idea is to read nine books in each of the colors assigned. The book can have the color or a shade of the color in the title and/or on the book cover. So, for example, for blue, a book that has blue (or a shade of blue) in the title or the book cover. 

This is a fixed number challenge, so I will be attempting to read and review nine books by color. I will add book titles to the list  as I pick them up, and  I will link the reviews as  I post them.

List of books read for this challenge:

  1. (Blue)
  2. (Red)
  3. (Yellow)
  4. (Green)
  5. (Brown)
  6. (Black)
  7. (White)
  8. (Book with any other color: purple, orange, silver, etc.)
  9. (Book with a word that implies color: rainbow, polka-dot, plaid, stripe, etc.)


Bev Hankins said...

Welcome to the Color Coded Challenge! So glad to have you playing along on this one.

Angel Rivera said...

Thank you. My first time doing it, so I am looking forward to it.