Reading Challenges for 2020

After taking an extended break from doing reading challenges, I have decided to do a few for 2020. After I completed the 2017 Reading Challenges, I figured I would take a year off. I ended up taking two full years off. Anyhow, I am ready to try again, so here are the reading challenges I am doing in 2020. I am mostly doing challenges I have done before and that address some reading goals I want to reach in 2020. Since much of this year's challenges are for me to catch up on reading, I am not doing anything too new or very niche and specific. I think once I catch up a bit I may start broadening the reading challenge interests. The audiobook challenge is the only one that is not related to me trying to catch up on reading and is more for fun at this point in time.

Repeat/Doing a Challenge Again:

  • Initial Goal: Pike's Peak = 12 books read and reviewed. 
  • Progress: 12 read, 12 reviewed. 
  • Update note (12/9/2020): Last three reviews are scheduled to post in December, so with that my initial commitment is complete. 

  • Initial Goal: 12 books read and reviewed.
  • Progress: 20 read, 20 reviewed. 
  • Update note (9/7/2020): With 20, I have completed the initial commitment and the challenge.

  • Initial Goal: Weekend Warrior = 5 to 10 books read and reviewed. 
  • Progress: 5 read, 5 reviewed.
  • Update note (12/9/2020): Initial commitment completed. 

  • Initial Goal: Silver Level = 25 books read and reviewed. 
  • Progress: 25 read, 25 reviewed.  
  • Update note (12/9/2020): Initial commitment completed. 

New to me reading challenges:

  • Initial Goal: Flexible, as many as I can here. 
  • Progress: 25 read, 25 reviewed. 
  • Update note (12/9/2020): Initial commitment completed. I had this one tied to the NetGalley/Edelweiss challenge for the most part. 

And the one challenge to pull them all together: Reading Challenge Addict

  • Initial Goal: 5 Book Challenges Completed
  • Progress: 5/5 challenges completed  
  • Update note (12/9/2020): Completed all reading challenges I set out to do for 2020, which given the clusterfuck 2020 was I find a bit amazing, but hey, I'll take it. We'll see how 2021 goes, and I hope to be posting my 2021 reading challenges soon. 

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