Friday, June 23, 2006

Now, this mezcal is not for whimps

I am sure some readers have heard about little worms in bottles of tequila, or so they say. Actually, the worms are found in mezcal. In fact, tequila is a type of mezcal. A big difference is that tequila carries a governmental designation. In a way, it is like bourbon whiskey, which by law has to have certain elements and is made in Bourbon County, Kentucky. I learned that on my travels to the parts of the Bourbon trail. I don't think some of the bourbon makers would agree with the part of the wikipedia entry about it being similar to scotch, but I leave that to drinkers to sort out. Back to this, I recently hightlighted that very expensive bottle of tequila. Now, if that is not enough for you, or you want something more than a measly worm, then boy, do I have the mezcal for you: The Scorpion Mezcal. Like the brand suggests, it does have a scorpion in it. According to the official site:

"All Scorpion brand super-premium and premium quality mezcals are carefully handmade in small quantities and individually numbered. These single-barrel mezcals allow consumers to fully appreciate the true flavorful and aromatic expression of fine100% agave spirits. Distilled in a small artisanal palenque, these mezcals exhibit the same complex subtleties as a cognac, and are far superior to bulk-made tequilas. As a distinguishing feature, all varieties of SCORPION MEZCAL come with a real scorpion in the bottle."
You can look at their FAQ. Rest assured, the scorpion is completely harmless, and it has had its stinger removed. Heck, even the FDA approves of the product. Now, if you are wondering if this is just some cheap brand, actually Scorpion has won various awards for its quality. So, if you are ready for an adventure and something more than a whimpy worm, this may be for you. I will admit, I may not eat the scorpion, but I am more than willing to try the mezcal. For those who may choose to eat it, here is the advice the company gives: "The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved our scorpions as being no more harmful than any other food product that can be consumed. We do not recommend eating the scorpion but if consumed please chew it up adequately before swallowing."

A hat tip to the Liquor Snob for the story.

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