Friday, May 05, 2017

Booknote: Why We March

Artisan Books, Why We March: Signs of Protest and Hope: Voices from the Women's March. New York, NY: Artisan (division of Workman Publishing), 2017. ISBN: 9781579658281. 

Genre: nonfiction
Subgenre: politics, photography and art, women's studies
Format: e-book galley
Source: NetGalley

This is one of those books that are put together rather quickly in order to do fundraising for a cause. Quality on this type of book can often vary. I can assure readers that the quality on this book is pretty good. The book was compiled to coincide with the 2017 Women's March; proceeds of the book according to the publisher were to go to Planned Parenthood.

The book is a photography collection of posters from the Women's March. The march took place in  various locations around the world, and the book authors strived to reflect this in the wide selection of posters they present. The posters range from serious to amusing, from straightforward to witty, from funny to moving. In addition, the photos capture many of the women and allies who marched and their strong resolute spirit. Text is very minimal, just enough to identify locations. This allows readers to focus on the photographs.

I will say that libraries will likely want to acquire this. It makes for a good piece of documentation of a particular event in time. Also, it is an easy book to read through, and I am sure many patrons will appreciate it. It is one I would certainly order for my library.

4 out of 5 stars.

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