Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Booknote: Zero, Volume 1: An Emergency

 Ales Kot, Zero, Volume One: An Emergency. Berkeley, CA: Image Comics, 2014. ISBN:

This compilation contains issues 1-5 of the Zero series.This is a spy thriller with a strong science fiction element. The operative known as Zero works for the very secret Agency. He does a variety of missions, and he gradually discovers just how deep the Agency's work really goes. We get the story of his life between the segments that present his assignments. Zero has been trained by the Agency since childhood; he has been enhanced as well as kept in line by psychological conditioning, constant monitoring, and drugs. Some readers may find Zero's  upbringing reminiscent of some childhood sequences in the film Hitman.

The art style varies from one issue to another; this works well to bring the different stories to life. The narrative is not fully sequential. Walsh does make use of flashbacks as well as text segments for things like Agency reports and documents, which add exposition and layers to the stories. The stories are gripping; once you start this one, you will keep on going, and much like the protagonist, you also want to find out how deep the Agency goes.

This is a volume I really liked, so I am giving it 4 out of 5 stars.

For those of you who need ratings, please note it is rated as "M" for a mature title. This is due to some violence (he is an assassin) and some sex small scenes.

Disclosure note is where I get to tell you that I read this as an e-book review copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley. This was in exchange for an honest review. There, we have appeased The Man once more. 

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