Monday, January 16, 2017

Reading a bit about food and foodie culture in 2017

I did the Foodies Read reading challenge for the first time in 2016. It was a challenge that I enjoyed, and I found myself reading some interesting books. So I am doing  it again this year. As of this post, I already finished one book, and I will be posting the review for that soon.

Here is the sign up link (you may have to scroll a bit on  their page to see it) for details. The sign up time is closed, but you can enter late (like I am) by linking your reviews as you read them in the monthly link ups. I am linking below the January link up. You can keep up when other link ups go up by rss reader (how I do it):

I managed to read 5 books last year, so I am going to take a chance and commit initially to the following level:

Pastry Chef: 4 to 8 books read and reviewed. 

I will add books to my  reading list as I pick up and read them. I will add the links to the reviews as I get them posted.

Bon Appetit.

List of books read for this challenge:

  1. Becky Libourel Diamond, The Thousand Dollar Dinner
  2. Anthony Bourdain, Kitchen Confidential.  
  3. Jancis Robinson, The 24-Hour Wine Expert.  
  4. Leonardo Lucarelli, Mincemeat: the Education of an Italian Chef.  
  5. Michael Ruhlman, Grocery.

Update note (11/30/17): With five books read and reviewed, I have completed this challenge for the year.  At this point, I may consider doing it again next year.


Mark said...

I mighty have done this but this is a category I track anyway. And I read in an even broader cookery arena with all the brewing books and such. As do you, I know. I found all the linking and blah blah to seriously add to the workload of reading and reviewing books. I am doing two again this year that I had to switch to on my own, but I'm coming to believe I like it that way. Far less linking and general BS. Sadly, the "count all the categories" issue isn't lessened. Oh well. We can't have it all. Cheers, brother.

Angel Rivera said...

Hey there. Yea, I got hooked on this one last year because turns out I read in this once in a while, often stuff I do not think of as "foodie" but can be counted like that one book I read last year or year before about the road trip and out of the place diners (why I write stuff down, I don't always remember off the top of my head). In your case, yea, all that brewing and beer stuff would put you over the top in no time.

Peace bro.