Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The 2016 Nonfiction Reading Challenge

I love reading nonfiction, so naturally, I am doing this challenge. This is one I have done in previous years, and I have done well on it. I keep doing it because I enjoy reading nonfiction so much. From history to books about food and travels to microhistories and other topics, I like nonfiction because it is one way for me to learn about new things. This is going to be my easy challenge for the year I hope.

Nonfiction Reading Challenge hosted at The Introverted Reader

You can click on the link above to get more details. The main rule is that pretty much anything nonfiction qualifies. The challenge runs from January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016. Cross overs with other challenges is fine too.

For this challenge, since I have managed to upgrade, I will just go all in for it and commit to the high level.

Master--Read 16-20 books.

As I always do, I will add books to my list as I read them. I will link the reviews here as soon as I post them.

List of books read for this challenge:

  1. Jane Lyle, The Illustrated Guide to Tarot.
  2. Lewis Black, Me of Little Faith (Audiobook edition).
  3. Elizabeth Warren, A Fighting Chance (Audiobook edition).
  4. Paul Barrett, Glock: The Rise of America's Gun.
  5. Don Brown, Drowned City.
  6. Jen Campbell, The Bookshop Book.
  7. Ted Rall, Bernie.  
  8. John Leguizamo, Ghetto Klown.
  9.  Margie Lapanja, Food Men Love
  10. Sarah Bowen, Divided Spirits: Tequila, Mezcal, and the Politics of Production.
  11. Julio Patán, Cocteles con historia: guía definitiva para el borracho ilustrado.
  12. Jim Berg and Tim Nyberg, The Jumbo Duct Tape Book.  
  13. Christopher Hansard, The Tibetan Art of Positive Thinking
  14. Daniel Lipkowitz, LEGO Star Wars in 100 Scenes
  15. Josh Mack, The Hobo Handbook
  16. Bathroom Readers' Institute, Uncle John's Factastic Bathroom Reader.
  17. Staci Mendoza and David Bourne, Reading and Understanding the Mysteries of Tarot
  18. Josephine Ellershaw, Easy Tarot Handbook
  19. Isabella Alston and Kathryn Dixon, Tarot Cards
  20. Dick Lehr and Gerard O'Neill, Black Mass
  21. Jessa Crispin, The Creative Tarot
  22. Jeff Jensen, Green River Killer.

Update Note: I complete this challenge with book # 16 on the list above. Challenge completed May 23, 2016. I will keep adding books to the list to make it to 20 and possibly past that, but the challenge is officially complete at the highest level offered.

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