Thursday, January 22, 2015

Yes, I am a Reading Challenge Addict in 2015

The Reading Challenge blog runs an annual challenge to see how many reading challenges folks can do and complete. Since I signed up for a few this year, I figured I would add this in for fun and as way to keep me on track for the challenges I did sign up for. I don't have to read anything extra here. All I have to do is keep track of the challenges I signed up for and reflect on what I complete or not.

If you want to declare your addition, you can go here to the Reading Challenge Addict 2015 page:

Reading Challenge Addict

Not sure how that happened, but I signed up for nine reading challenges. Some of them are challenges I did last year that I am doing again this year. Others are new challenges for 2015.
I signed up for the following reading challenges for 2015. For convenience, I will make a challenges for 2015 page that will go on the blog's right column to keep it all inone place. Plus I will update the challenge posts with links as I read

So, how addicted am I? I am committing for the following level:

On the Roof: 6 to 10 challenges (entered and completed)

List of reading challenges I am doing in 2015:

Update note (12/31/15): All challenges were completed for 2015. See the 2015 challenges page for specific updates. 

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