Reading Challenges for 2016

This is the page for my 2016 Book Reading Challenges. I am doing some challenges again this year that I have done before, and I am doing some challenges new for this year. Throughout the year, I will update my progress on these reading challenges. The overall idea is to get me to try out some new things as well as just make my reading routine over the year a bit more fun.

Repeating/Doing Again:

The 2016 Horror Reading Challenge.
  • Initial Goal: Read and review 1-5 books to receive the Running Scared badge.
  • Progress: 6 read, 6 reviewed.
  • Update note: Challenge completed with 6 books on 11/29/16.

The 2016 Mount TBR Reading Challenge.
  • Initial Goal: Pike's Peak = Read 12 books from your TBR pile/s.
  • Progress: 8 read, 8 reviewed. 
  • Update note (12/30/16): I kept going to the end, but I did not make it up Pike's Peak this year.  Click link for details.

The 9th Annual Graphic Novels and Manga Reading Challenge:
  • Initial Goal: Bronze Age: 24 books read and reviewed.
  • Progress: 45 read, 45 reviewed. 
  • Update note: I completed my initial commitment to this challenge on 7/7/16 with 27 titles. Upgrading my goal to Silver Age: 52 books read and reviewed.  
  • Second update note: Ended the challenge with 45 books read and reviewed by 12/30/16.  Click link to see the final list and details. I did not make the Silver level, but I did get past the Bronze level I initially committed to.

The 2016 NetGalley and Edelweiss Reading Challenge:
  • Initial Goal: Silver Level= 25 Books Read and Reviewed.
  • Progress 25 read, 25 reviewed.
  • Update note (12/30/16): Finished the challenge right at the end with the last three books for the initial commitment. 

The 2016 Nonfiction Reading Challenge.
  • Initial Goal: Master--Read 16-20 books.
  • Progress: 22 read, 22 reviewed.
  • Update note: This challenge was completed with 16 books on May 23, 2016.

New Reading Challenges for 2016:

The 2016 "Read it again, Sam" Reading Challenge:
  • Initial Goal: Deja vu = Reread 4 books.
  • Progress: Read 4, Reviewed 4.
  • Update note: I completed this challenge with 4 books read and reviewed on 11/29/16.

The 2016 Audiobook Challenge:
  • Initial Goal: Newbie = Read 1-5 books.
  • Progress: Read 5, Reviewed 5.
  • Update note: Completed this challenge with 5 books read and reviewed on 11/29/16.

The Foodies Read 2016 Challenge.
  • Initial Goal: Short Order Cook = Read and review 1 to 3 books.
  • Progress: Read 5, Reviewed 5.
  • Initial challenge level completed on May 24, 2016. Upgrading the goal to Pastry Chef = 4-8 books. 
  • Upgraded challenge to Pastry Chef completed with 5 books total on December 30, 2016.

The 2016 Backlist Books Reading Challenge:
  • Initial Goal: Open-ended. I am reading as many as I can.
  • Progress: Read 42, Reviewed 42.
  • Completed the challenge on 12/30/16 with 42 books read and reviewed. 

The 2016 Self-Help Junkie Reading Challenge:
  • Initial Goal: Poser 1-2 Books.  You must be close to perfect! No need for deep searching.
  • Progress: Read 10, Reviewed 10.
  • Initial challenge level completed on May 24, 2016 with 3 books. Upgrading to next challenge level Seeker 3-5 books.   
  • Update note: Seeker level completed on July 8, 2016 with 6 books. Upgrading to next challenge level Hacker 6-9 Books.
  • Update note: Hacker level completed with 10 books on 11/29/16.

The 2016 LGBTQIA Books Reading Challenge.
  • Initial Goal: Red= Read and review 5 books.
  • Progress: Read 2, Reviewed 2.
  • Update note (12/30/16): I was not able to complete this challenge this year, so I finish with two books read and reviewed for the year.

The 2016 I Love Libraries Reading Challenge.
  • Initial Goal: Young Adult: Read and review 24 books.
  • Progress: Read 45, Reviewed 45.
  • Update note: I completed the initial commitment to this challenge with 26 books read and reviewed on July 8, 2016. I am upgrading to the next level: Adult: Read and review 36 books.  
  • Update note (12/30/16): I have finished the upgrade commitment of the Adult level with 45 books.

The One Reading Challenge That Pulls The Other Challenges Together:

The Reading Challenge Addict Challenge, 2016 Edition.
  • Goal: In Flight: 11-15 Challenges (Entered and Completed).
  • I have 12 challenges I am working on this year.
  • Progress: 9 completed. 
  • Update note (12/30/16): In the end, I complete 10 out of the 12 challenges I did for 2016. There were challenges I upgraded. In some cases, I completed the upgrade level; others I did not, but I did complete all 10 of the initial commitments for 2016.  The two challenges I was not able to complete at all were the Mount TBR, which I did complete in 2015, and the LGBTQIA, which was new for me in 2016. The big deal for me was the crappy nature of 2016, especially the later part of the year, and let's not even go into the clusterfuck on an election in the United States, which made things very tense. We even had some tensions in the college due to the election. That did slow down my reading as it affected my mood to read. Still, I think I did pretty good overall. Given I am not expecting 2017 to be better, I am seriously considering doing less reading challenges. You will know as I post my challenge selections for 2017. For those of you doing reading challenges, I hope you met your goals for 2016. Best, and keep on reading.

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